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Carlye Tamaren is a director, writer, producer, editor, dancer, singer, martial artist & content creator. Raised in St. Louis, Missouri by two comedy obsessed psychologists, her path was always destined for something rather strange. But where is she from ?  Yes, yes, she gets asked that all the time. Carlye is a mix of Israeli, Russian, Hungarian and Lithuanian dissent.

She grew up training for the Olympics in gymnastics and then promptly switched life paths at 13 to dance in an Alvin Ailey training company in the inner city of St. Louis. She ended up attending the country’s top ranked Musical Theatre program at The University of Michigan, and by surprise to virtually no one,  switched life paths yet again and landed in LA, where she has been working steadily in film, tv, commercials, theatre, print ads and voice overs. A few years ago Carlye fell in love with directing and writing, and BOOM, it was game over.

Carlye developed a passion for martial arts six years ago after getting attacked and almost kidnapped in West Hollywood. She is now a master of Capoeira and Krav Maga and hopes to spread the message of feminine strength and power through her art.



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